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Afval Potjie (Tripe Pot)
16 July 2011
Chef Miele
Chef Sheena
The Club's first ever cook-off was that most delicate of dishes, an afval potjie, between Sheena and Miele.

Both chefs used the head, trotters and tripe and produced two outstanding dishes, that even had the naysayers going back for seconds (some had a third helping!).

Miele presented a more traditional dish, while Sheena added a piquancy to give her's a twist.

After much deliberation the judges returned an undecided verdict, but praise for both cooks on their preparation of this delicacy.

With tummies stuffed the merriment continued around the bar and at the fire.

The evening was a great success and the next cook-off is already being organised.

Thanks ladies, you made for an excellent evening!

NUTS !! (okay ... a packet of Avocado Pears then)