Club Captain
Ken Morland
Secretary Marie van der Merwe
Treasurer Charlotte Morland
Green keeper Allan Walden
Competition Secretary
Allan Walden
Selection Committee
Charlotte Morland
Johan Jacobs
Tournament Committee
Ken Morland
Marie vd Merwe
Membership Application
Maintenance Crew
Piet du Plooy
Johan Jacobs
Garden Crew
Henriette Partridge
Allan Walden
Party Crew
Rouxanne du Plooy
Wouter du Plooy
Did You Know...
There are four bones in every Bowls Club!
The wish bones that spend all their time wishing someone else would do all the work.
The jaw bones who do all the talking and little else.
The knuckle bones that knock everything others do, and
the backbones that do all the work.
Which bone are you?
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