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AeroBowls - New Player on the Market

posted 27 Jan 2012, 02:56 by WCC Bowls   [ updated 6 Feb 2012, 09:53 ]
ComfitPro, a leading brand of Bowls accessories and clothing, have stepped into the Manufacturing arena with AeroBowls (made by ComfitPro).

The claim by ComfitPro is that the AeroBowls will be the "world's most accurately made bowl ever produced".

World Bowls have recently approved AeroBowls as an official manufacturer and March 2012 will see the company launch their range of the three models (due to hit retail shelves by late March early April 2012).

AeroBowls Chief Executive Officer Walter Jacobs, together with AeroBowls Administrative Director Sharon Jacobs and AeroBowls Chief Operating Officer Rod Heaton said in a joint statement:

“We are delighted at the passing of this important milestone in our journey to bring a new level of technology and performance to the game we all love so much.

“The advanced technology we have brought to the manufacturing process - which is already used in biomedical, defence and aerospace industries around the world - means for the first time in the history of the game bowlers can purchase a set of bowls secure in the knowledge that every bowl in their set will be identical in trajectory."

Although ComfitPro have been synonymous with the distribution of Taylor Bowls, all indication from their Australian website is that they will be dropping the Taylor brand "We are giving up the Taylor Distribution and are now going to make the worlds most advanced bowls right here in Sydney.100% Australian made."

The new bowls have already been endorsed by the likes of Kelvin Kerkow and Brett Wilkie.

*Inset of Walter Jacobs CEO of Aero Bowls with his newly designed Lawn Bowl at Ballina Bowling Club for the Summerlan Series Pair competition.-Jay Cronan (click on image for link to source)

AeroBowls by ComfitPro